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White People Logic, Part 2341234:

  • White People: Despite terms like the n-word and "chink" being rooted in oppression, slavery, genocide, and lynching, I feel like I should be able to say them.
  • POC: why would you want to say it anyways?
  • White People: ...because I want to sing along to Kanye and Jay-z. Duh. Why would YOU want to use those words anyways? Aren't you just being silly POCs and totally perpetuating your own oppression?
  • POCs: We're using them to reclaim the words away from white people using them. Because white people have historically coined those terms to oppress and dehumanize POCs.
  • White People:'re still racist for not telling me that it's ok and reassuring me that I'm not racist.
  • POCs: ....


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I love when I know everything about a situation with a group of people and faking my reaction with a friend when he or she finds out



"all you do is smoke weed"

??? where is the problem here???


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